A Passion of Over Six Generations
For centuries, making wines in the Marès family has been considered both an art and a family tradition. Cyril is the latest of 6 generations to make wine. His father Roger founded the domaine in 1964. He had also planted the vineyards of Château Puy Castéra located in the Haut-Médoc region of Bordeaux with his own father, Henri (1903-1994). This domaine is currently being managed by Alix Marès, Cyril's cousin. Cyril, pioneer that he is, brought back and applied the lessons learned in Bordeaux to his own Costières-based Domaine.

This tradition is brilliantly illustrated by Henri Marès (1820-1901), who was a friend of Pasteur and discovered the cure against powdery mildew with sulfites. His brother Paul Marès who was a well-known botanist moved to Algeria and couldn't help but plant a vineyard too ! Their father, Etienne Marès (1780-1840) had left the family domaine located near the Pond of Thau and managed by his own father Pierre Marès (1758-1820) to turn into a  wine merchant and later became the owner of Château de Launac near Montpellier.

Making wine in the Marès family is as much an art or a passion since more than six generations.

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